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Secure Document Phishing Attacks

There has been a recent wave of phishing attacks that try to trick you into opening "secure documents". Users will receive an email that looks like it is a DocuSign or EchoSign or Secure Adobe PDF notification with an important document attached that needs to be looked at. The bad guys try to trick you into opening and clicking the attachments, and "enable macros" or "enable editing" but when you do, your workstation gets infected with malware or ransomware. When you receive this type of document, which you did not ask for, and it's from someone you do not know, be very cautious, and if you want to be sure, delete the email. If it looks like it comes from someone you do know, pick up the phone, use a phone number you know is valid (not a phone number from the suspicious email itself), and verify if this actually was sent by them and what the purpose was."

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