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Initial Pre-Deployment UD Voice VoIP Phone Testing

The purpose of this pre-testing is to make sure your network is ready for VoIP Phones from UD Voice.


There are three test we will need to run

  1. SIP ALG Test

  2. Bandwidth Test

  3. VoIP Simulation Testing



Please follow the instructions below.

SIP ALG Testing

1.  Download the following test program and run it on a computer at each location that we will be installing phones. 

Download Here Windows

Download Here Mac

2.  Once installed you will have an Icon that looks like this. Double click the Icon to run the program.




3.  Once you run the program you will see the following Screen, Click "Start Test" to begin the test


















4.  Once the test runs, hopefully all the results show passing like this.  If there are failures we need to correct these issues before installing the phones.



















5.  Click the "Copy to Clipboard" Button and start a new email, then paste the results into the body of the email.


Send the results to  with your company name, phone number, and a NAME for the Location that the test has been run at.

If you have any issues, please use the Quick Support button below and reach out to us and we will connect remotely to assist.

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base64 (2).png
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